Sex becomes more interesting from time to time when it is done in places that you haven’t done sex before. If the means to do so is possible, then why not accomplish it while the chance is open for you and your partner to do so. May it be a luxurious time in a hotel, or living the wild life outdoors, the most important thing is the satisfaction of both your sex drives to be accomplished anywhere possible.

4eb814d613b0bThe Luxuries That Can Perk up One’s Sex Life
shes freak couple would always be comfortable having sex in one’s own home where it’s cheap. But once in while splurge if you can, the luxury of a hotel for instance will surely spark something within you and your partner to really make time alone very special and memorable. You and your partner won’t worry that friends or family will just barge in your home when you’re hot and wet in sex. Aside from the pampering of room service, the alone time will surely initiate many ideas to come into mind, sex things to try, sex positions to do, and just anything that will live you both hungry for each other after your once in a lifetime hotel experience. Reliving your bubble bath together when you get home, with champagne on the side that’s on the house courtesy of the hotel manager, and just simply nourishing your mouths with each other’s juices and heat. No worries to tumble on the bed or have sex on the hotel floor will all clothes scattered around, or for something adventurous, having sex on the hotel balcony where the air is all about but only your heat and hotness for each other matters.

4eb8150eb301cSex Vacation Time
The beach is one place that nubiles casting free can truly be not only romantic but definitely sexy. Displaying yourself the whole day with your fashionable bikinis and trunks, and the control that’s been hanging on a thread, will surely be a push to a chaotic and wild night afterwards when all you will be surrounded with is a bonfire, the sand and the silent whacking of the waves. Lying down on a spread blanket while under the moonlight and all you will be viewing is your partner’s silhouette, giving that mysterious aura around you, and certainly just making you more hotter than it already is. Or a camp out in the woods, where you are only the two people around, even if you run around naked, nothing or no one will bother you. Much more if there is a lake or a waterfall in the area of the campsite, where you begin to imagine paradise, you are Adam and she is Eve, and all you can think of is savoring her inner heat and doing what you want to do with each other to satisfy the desire that both of you alone can feel.

Age is not a barrier to also do anywhere but the house or the bedroom, wherever the desire strikes, famish you with one another and accomplish the task with satisfaction.


Sex is commonly done in the bedroom, but why sticks with the conventional venue of where to have sex. Make your sex life interesting by trying out new ones, there are places that are just within one’s surroundings that can actually be a good place to have sex in. One just has to discover where and try having it there for a change.

1Experimenting With The Dark Side
Why not try the basement, where everything’s too dark to see and where you are not able to figure out that you are being seduced by a cougar. One’s sex drive and sensual senses will be the only tool to trigger what has to be put aflame. The hotness of the situation would be, being able to do unimaginable things that both you and your partner are too shy to try when lights are on. In the basement, the darkness will push you to your unending limits of hunger that only sex can satisfy. With lights off one can try satisfying one’s hunger of the flesh in any way possible, from doing it on the stairs climbing on one another until each of you reach that peak of climax, or doing it on the cold basement floor but the hotness of each one’s body heat will just drive you to limits while driving one another alternately, or just atop all things that are stored in the basement where all your nakedness will just be shadowed by any visible light peering through the only available window, where only your moans and the smell of sex will linger through.

9A Tumble or Two
Like children playing on dry leaves, it will be a pleasure to tumble at the backyard of one’s home. Trying it in the backyard especially if the area is well secured would sure be an exciting experience to try. Running naked all around until one gets hold of the other and just have sex under the midnight sky, even the coolness of the night won’t bother the heat that is generating within. The satisfying end will be when the two of you are wrapped around each other without any care in the world but the contentment of being able to reach that arousal that needs to be extinguished soon. If a tree house is present it will surely bring you back to the times of your adolescence where hiding and keeping everything a secret adds to the excitement and will surely push you to your limits of eating one another until satisfaction of the taste of the naked flesh has been satisfied. A pool is a plus, swimming and having sex in the pool, devouring each other’s inner treasures while on the pool steps where even the cool breeze around will not be a bother but instead will add more heat to an already hot scenario.

Wherever the both of you maybe, try having sex when the need to do so is present, live your life excitingly at least once in your lifetime. It’ll surely be a nice memory to keep and remember once in awhile.